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Table of Contents
VONINO – CEO’s Message
Corporate Social Responsibility within our company
 - Work
 - Environment
 - Management System
 - Ethics
Social Responsibility – 2014 Project Results
 - Campaign for Worker’s Right’s Awareness
 - Power Savings
 - Greenhouse Gas Emissions
 - Managing Waste
 - Sustainable procurement
 - Goals for 2015
 "Companies aren’t just assessed on the quality of their product anymore. Beyond its economic strength, beyond the proficiency of its management and its communication  policies, a company is assessed on its contribution to the community it is part of. 
 We are proud to contribute to the development and availability of modern technologies. Through our projects, we support a strict non-discrimination policy, and we reject any  form of corruption."
Corporate Social Responsibility within our Company
VONINO has focused on the following aspects:
Work Contracts
Every VONINO employee is hired in accordance to Romanian law. Every legal stipulation regarding work hours, rest days per week and holidays, is being strictly followed. Work conditions and salaries are freely negotiated and all contracts are signed only after the express consent of the employee.
Child Labour
VONINO is strictly against child labour and freely declares that it has not been and will never be involved in any practices that involve child labour.
Every employee is treated equally and by adherence to the same clear rules.
VONINO is completely against any type of discrimination.
VONINO employees are free to associate themselves with any establishment, worker’s organization and/or Union. Management will not attempt to prevent an employee’s freedom of expression in any way.
Hygiene and Exposure to Hazardous Materials
VONINO Employees have access to clean sanitary units, clean, drinkable water, and fast food equipment. Medical and emergency services are also freely provided. Vision impairment is prevented by regular eye check-ups. Employees are not exposed to any known hazardous substance. All equipment is safe and tested regularly.
VONINO is focused on offering and maintaining a safe work environment for its employees. All legal conditions regarding work safety and sanitation are met. VONINO employees are instructed and trained to respond to emergencies and to prevent workplace accidents by using the emergency evacuation plans.
VONINO buildings are equipped with the necessary fire-prevention and fire-control utilities.
VONINO makes every effort in order to affect the environment as little as possible. There are several aspects which are to be considered when discussing matters of environmental preservation.
Minimizing Power Consumption
As distributors of smartphones and tablets, power is one of the prime sources of energy for creating our products. To minimize power consumption, VONINO has implemented procedures that has helped to reduce consumption per unit .

Managing Waste By products
VONINO fulfills every legal requirement regarding the gathering and disposal of waste. A strict policy regarding waste gathering is implemented:
Management System
One of the principal interests of the company throughout its time has been and still is respecting the standards of quality. Every quality regulation, from adhering to legal requirements, to developing internal communication channels, to objective based planning, to regular auditing, to the managing of documents, has been strictly defined and implemented.
In addition to professional conditions and standards of quality, the staff of VONINO have adopted a set of ethical norms.
As distributors of smartphones and tablets, VONINO has access to sensitive information belonging to various clients. There are restrictive contractual stipulations in place in every contract between VONINO and its clients regarding the disclosing of information.
Relations with Public Authorities
VONINO is aware that private enterprises need to have correct and cooperative relations with authorities in regards to paying taxes, guaranteeing access to company documents (within the confines of the law).
VONINO declares itself completely against bribery in any form, against discriminatory treatment and inequality in both external and internal employee relations.
Conflicts of interest are treated with a maximum of gravity. VONINO considers personal and professional merit as the base for any success in business and actively discourages any practices which might jeopardize the credibility of the company.
The 2014 Annual Report analysis has turned up zero (0) cases of illegal activities.
Intellectual Property
VONINO respects the Intellectual Property author rights. In its daily activities, VONINO retains the rights of use on any technologies which it utilizes. Further, we ask our partners to assume responsibility for utilizing any resources that might be subject to Intellectual Property rights.
Relations with other direct competitors
VONINO respects its clients, its suppliers and its competitors. While providing the best possible products and quality services for its clients, VONINO is always fulfilling its obligations towards suppliers.
VONINO does not act against its competitors through slander, incorrect policies, false advertising or other unethical tactics, but through developing quality products and services and through completely transparency towards its customers.
Corporate Social Responsibility – 2014 Project Results

Human Rights
Campaign for Worker’s Right’s Awareness 2014
The Campaign for Worker’s Right’s Awareness is a program that begun in 2013 and has resulted in a complete lack of legal complaints from employees.
The campaign has two steps:
Step 1: Each new employee goes through a development period in which they’re informed of every right and responsibility they have as an employee of VONINO. All internal procedures are made available to the them, they are then explained and discussed in order to prevent any breach of rights.
Step 2: Employees are made aware of any changes in procedures or legislation as soon as they’re enacted.
Every six months, employees are presented with documents regarding their rights and given the opportunity to discuss their concerns or recommendations with their Human Resources representative.
Power Consumption Reduction program through 2010-2015
VONINO has developed a power saving procedures designed to reduce energy costs per distributed unit and per employee, as compared to before the program started at the beginning of 2008. Energy consumption has increased because of the expansion of the company, the consumption of energy remains low comparing with the rate of the turn over increasing. The program has two types of measures set in place:
• Replacing Hardware. Every workstation’s desktop and monitors have been replaced with laptops and tablets.
Automatic Server Shutdown. Every server is being monitored from a central location. Each team leader is responsible for making sure that every computer is turned off after the last remember of staff has left the office, and the servers are programmed to shut down between the hours of 9 PM and 7 AM.
• Lighting in the office space. Every light source is environmentally friendly.
Starting in 2008 when the procedures began, power consumption has not increased with the same rate as the expansion of the company and it is very likely that VONINO will reach its goal of saving power. This goal is being revised every year in order to correlate power consumption with the company’s expansion activities.
VONINO’ Power Saving procedures has proven to be a successful endeavor, its goal has fully been reached before the estimated deadline. 
               Power Consumption Chart                                                  Power Consumption Chart according to the distributed units
Greenhouse Gas Emissions
The activities of VONINO do not involve any significant greenhouse gas emissions.
However, the consumption of natural gasses is at minimum being used only for heating the office building and the consumption is strictly monitored, the evolution of said consumption is constant and is generated only for 4 months per year.
Managing Waste
VONINO has strict policies in regards to recycling waste materials. Our goal is to reduce paper consumption per year correlated with the expansion of the company. We use recycling and recycled paper for office activities. To this extent, VONINO has a long term contract with a waste disposal company and with a water sanitation company.

Sustainable procurement
On-Site Suppliers Audit
We believe that periodic auditing is an effective way of promoting suppliers’ self-management. Following this belief, our plan is to conduct periodic on-site auditing of key suppliers in ways of documentation auditing, on-site inspection, employee interview and other specific CSR audit tools.
VONINO conducted on-site audits of the manufacturing plants of two high importance suppliers, reviewing the status of points included in the suppliers’ statement on sustainable development policies.
The companies audited total employees number are over 600 people and 21 persons were interviewed.
Our audit found that are some required documents missing in order to support answers like reduction of fuel consumption procedure, water consumption reduction, reduction of hazardous materials, chemicals and waste recycling, storage or use of hazardous substances, air emissions, preventing soil & groundwater contamination. 
Also the up-to-date ISO certifications have been required.
VONINO adjusts procurement strategies for those suppliers identified as high risk in audits.
No suppliers' contracts were terminated as a result of assessment.
New suppliers are screened using supplier CSR self-assessment, covering the CSR sections: environment, labor, human rights, health and safety and sustainable supply chain.
All new suppliers audited in 2014 passed the compliance investigation.
Objectives for 2015
Environment Goals
Monthly Audit – Environment Management
Every month, a resource consumption report will be presented to the managing staff. Every element of this report is to be verified as conforming to previously detailed parameters. In the event that these parameters are exceeded, corrective measures will be taken.
VONINO will use Social Media to involve its Stakeholders in an IT Equipment Recycling campaign. In order to raise awareness and interactivity, we will increase the numbers of recycling campaigns on our official Facebook page.

Sustainable Procurement Continuity
We embrace the lastingness as a basic condition of our future development, we strive to keep on fulfill the highest standards for environmental management and we are fully engaged for strengthen the lives of communities we serve for. 
Target for 2015 is that all suppliers to be audited.